Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Day after Mothers Day

Monday May 13. 2012
hey so since I already told you guys how my week has been i thought for everyone else I should do a little re-cap anyway.
 So every week there is the usual  happens and we are pretty used to it like getting told to leave apartment complex’s because they say your soliciting but then we bash that down and they say well your on private property even though there is no sign anywhere that says "private property". people who cuss at you or give you the birdie as they roar by in their old redneck trucks and talking to black people who say " jesus is black" and we say "ohhh really where is that in the bible, have you seen him" and they say yep I sure have" haha ok thanks. Talking to drunk people on the street who have no idea what they are talking about lolol and i could go on and on. Well this week we some cool things happen we went on an exchange as a 3 pack with one of our zone leaders elder abankwa he is from Ghana, west africa but he grew up in canada so he speaks great english, Anyway while we were tracting a street it started to sprinkle and then poured and so we were about 5 minutes from the car so we had to run back in the heavy rain and we got soaked from head to toe and my good silk tie got so messed up haha, so were wet, pretty much all day, but latter on we knocked on a ladies door named maryann who let us in cause she wanted to know more about what mitt romney  believes, cause she loves his family and how happy they are and the morals and values he stands for.  We are going to  start teaching her soon. We went over to matthew and brittany's house and read 3nephi 11 with them and talked about it and how we don’t believe in the trinity, we believe that jesus christ and god the father are separate people, just as me and my dad are separate and shared with him john 17 and when jesus is baptized it clearly shows them as separate people.  Matthew and brittany got a ride with one of our members to church and they loved it, matthew especially love it because he could ask questions and he learned a lot. So those were the exciting parts of our week. we are next week going to a special meeting in west columbia where we are gonna have Elder Gonzalez of the presidency of the seventy come and speak to us with some other general authority's so that should be cool Ill give you an update after it happens .

Sad to here the coyotes lost but they will win the next one and will win the series I have faith and its there time.

i forgot to ask you guys who the cardinals drafted?
 man thanks for telling jon hi for me, i hope you told him that he needs to keep a spot open for me to work with him when I get back

We only are doing the movie night once a month cause nobody was coming and so we have it going on in 2 weeks

well I think that’s all I have to write this week cause my mind has gone blank, Oh if you guys want to order us pizza again do it on Thursday at the same time 5 my time, that would be cool
Well have a great week love ya
Elder Kelly Harper:)

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