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Monday April 30,2012

Monday April 30, 2012:
)   well we had transfers and elder seaver is gone and we are all sad cause he was a good comic relief, but the new elder in the apartment is elder gonzalez he is from las vegas and elder cramer is also from las vegas haha so that was cool to find out. elder law got put back with elder Isrealsen and they are on a special assignment, they travel around the mission and go on exchanges with companionships, and just help train them on certain things and help them, I’m not sure what it is but they will go on exchanges with each companionship this transfer haha that’s a lot of traveling and a lot of exchanges I don’t know where they are even staying at.

So that’s transfers. This week started off kinda lame we didn’t have anyone to teach and we just started biking again, cause since elder seaver is gone we don’t need 2 cars so we only have the cruze and we switch off every other day like we did when I first got here, I haven’t biked a full day in about 3 months so haha I have been dying out there and it has just started to get hotter and more muggy so kinda lame. we did lots of knocking this week but on saturday we had an appointment with a  girl named Ashley.  We went by at 2 and right as we showed up she pulls up in her car and says I’m sorry I’m so late and we were like what do you mean you are 10 minutes early, and she showed us the sticky note we gave her that said appointment at 1 so we were an hour late but she apparently forgot to hahaha so it all worked out, she is like 24 and she is trying to become a flumotogest (someone who draws blood, and I think I spelled that wrong) she told us that she grew up in a hard home .  We told her about the video on about the girl named kristy you guys should watch it, its good. anyway we taught her the restoration lesson and she understood it well we boldly told her that we are the only true and living church on the earth and the only ones who hold the authority of god and she got it. So we were like sweet! Long story short she accepted to be baptized on May 27th so that is exciting we hope she doesn’t drop out on us like the ones we have had lately, cause she really is so humble and sincere. We have an appointment tonight at 7:30. Then yesterday we were biking hahaha and it was soooooo hot like I was sweating so much it was like someone had a hose over my head just pouring water on me and I continued to sweat for abut 20 minutes after we had stopped to talk to a less active guy in his garage, luckily he gave us glass of ice water ahhh. we were on our way home from biking out to a place kinda far and also keep in mind i haven’t biked for a while so my legs are gonna take a little while to regain some biking muscle and strength, so we decided to stop at a convenience store that a less active owns to just rest a little bit and the guy who was cooking the food came up to us and was like oh you guys are mormons and we were like yah,(cause we were talking to the less actives son, who works at the store) and he was like ahh man i feel so bad when I saw you guys riding up I said to Brian "man those jehovahs witnesses are gone peddle their way to hell" haha we laughed and he was like man every time I see you guys I thought you were JW's anyway, so we were able to teach him about the spirit world and some stuff and about what the temple is and why we have it, he was really interested and we got his info and he said he would read the stuff and go onto and check it out.

AHHHH the yotes are freaking awesome, i had no idea they had beat the blackhawks and were already 2 games into the next series, so what happend to ilya bryzgalov our sweet goalie, did he get hurt earlier in the season? and who is mike smith? is he a goalie that they brought up from the minor league team. 

mom sorry i didnt send the memory card, actually am sending it today I have it in an envelope.

crazy to see lindsey is married, haaa thats so weird. but I am so happy for her, where are they gonna live? where is her husband from?

well thats my email this week, I hope I answered all your questions
have a good week, love you
Elder Harper:)

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