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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday May 21, 2012 
Hello greatest family in the world and also greatest friends. Well this week was very hectic, elder stever got sick on Thursday with some stomach virus so we had to stay inside and I was bored so I copied down all these bible references that proved a bunch false doctrine so that was fun, then the  next day, he was still having bad diarrhea so he couldn’t go out, so me and elder Gonzalez went on an exchange in both of our areas so we could get some work done and we biked far and fast man he was dying cause he is a short guy and doesn’t bike too fast. We went and taught our investigator couple Matthew & Brittany and said we would bring them a stop smoking kit which is all cinnamon stuff including tooth paste, mouthwash, gum, hot tamales. But then they had to cancel on our next appointment cause something happened so then Saturday night we got a call from Matthew and he said the he and Brittany got in a little fight and DSS got called on cause they have a little baby but they worked it out and they decided to move to Louisiana to take a job where he will be working on tug boats with his dad, so we are gonna try and get the missionaries to go by there where they are moving to, it was sad though to hear they are moving. It seems like the story of my mission we find someone cool and then they have to move or they die. But on the brighter side we found a 25 year old girl named marlaina she just move here from Tucson, Arizona and she used to be Jehovah’s witness but knew it wasn’t right and then got pressured into being baptized into the church of Christ where her aunt goes and she doesn’t really like that church cause they believe in the trinity and she doesn’t,  she is like one in a million that doesn’t believe in it. and she told us that if she got an answer that our church was the true one that she would not hesitate to be baptized in it. We also found out one of our investigators MaryAnn who we haven’t been able to teach cause she has been very busy just might have leukemia but she isn’t for sure, but she told us that she still hasn’t changed her mind about wanting us to teach her and she still wants to read the whole book of Mormon so that is so awesome. On Saturday we had an entire mission conference with Elder Walter F. Gonzalez and Elder Marion Keith Gideon’s of the seventy and we all got to shake their hands and they spoke to us about having real growth and making sure that we are converted and also lots of stuff, elder Gonzalez is such a funny guy he told so many jokes and was just making funny comments the whole time, one was "you can see I talk with a strong accent so that means I hear with one too" haha. I got to see all my companions and missionary buddies elder Rasmussen, seaver, mcpheters, mears, Williams, berenyi, ultra, law. I also hear that ( G) who I baptized moved out of boiling springs and they don’t know where she moved to elder ellermen is the zone leader there now and elder law went on an exchange with him during the big lift thing and they went and saw Paula, cause she is not active now, and found out that she doesn’t have a testimony and still believes in the trinity but after reading the old testament she is leaning towards god and Jesus being separate. Wanda is getting her temple recommend soon and Elder law and I will get to go through with her before law goes home so that’s sweet news.

Well looks like everything at home is going great, yes the pizza came on time it was good, that chicken bbq one was really good. 

I got a letter from that Karina girl this week and still no pictures :( 
wooow Eric has a girlfriend that’s pretty dang cool she is a volleyball player, at ASU? or where at? you should see if you can find any pictures of them and put them on the email.

so the coyotes are up or down in the series? 
we are definitely doing a boy’s trip to Carlsbad when I get back for sure.

well I am way over my time so got to go but have a great week
Love Elder Harper:)

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