Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Helloo from the east coast

Monday, May 8, 2012
helloo from the east coast
Well this week was so much better then it has been in a while. So first cool thing is that we had a lead, his name is brad  and we hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks but he was really cool and so we decided to go see him and he was home so he had us come to his backyard and sit outside, while we were talking to him his kids were playing on the swing set and being noisy and crazy hahaha it was funny but we pretty much taught him the restoration and he is so cool he totally understands that the trinity is false and that god and jesus are not one person, he wants to belong to a church that helps people, and where the preacher and leaders are not paid, where it’s all about family, where you actually learn in church not just sing like 6 songs in a row like they do at the church he is going to right now.  He hates how when people take little things from the bible and make them seem literal like the religion that plays with snakes at their church. We were like yes, you understand and the kind of church that you explained you wanted exactly describes our church so we were pretty pumped. He has a busy schedule so that will be the tough thing actually getting a set appointment.

Then we have an appointment today with ashley at 6 at the church we are teaching her the plan of salvation with Ian and randi, they are getting married in the temple soon and are really cool. We really hope this works well cause ashley is really cool and she has had to reschedule like 3 times last week.

On saturday we were knocking and knocked on this one house that we really weren’t thinking anything was gonna come out of it, but the girl opened the door and said come in we walked in and you could tell they smoke. Their names are matthew and brittany and brittany just had her baby on tuesday and got out of the hospital on Friday, but they allowed us to teach them the restoration and they didn’t disagree with anything but they want to read the book of mormon so that was way cool, they are young and aren’t married yet but they plan on it soon. They are so cool and we really just got to know them and found out their religious backgrounds matthew is catholic and brittany is baptist but they aren’t very active in their church and brittany doesnt really like the her church cause its just a party at church and you don’t learn anything. They are going to come to our book of mormon class on tuesday, so our week was great.

Cool news about the coyotes, I’m sad the byrzgalov is gone but mike smith sounds like he works, so as long as he is consistent it is fine by me.

Man that is sad to hear about grandpa paolacci dying, man that is super sad, I’ll miss him.

It’s been hard for me to read the book dad cause there are 4 of us in the apartment and we only have one car so on p-days its hard for me to do what I want to and actually have time to read it, I barely have time to write letters but I will try and read when i get time to.

Grant: hey do great at weight lifting in the mornings, go to bed and get enough sleep and that will help a lot and also you and dad should go to sports authority and get some protein shake stuff I know monster milk is great but you need to drink lots of water with it cause it has protein and cretin mix, and cretin can give you kidney stones if you don’t drink enough water.

anyway i got to go but I think you guys could order pizza for us on saturday at 5pm that would work cause we never have dinners on saturday with members  so just do the same dominoes as last time

Love you, Elder Harper

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