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Monday, June 11, 2011

Wooooo so, first i have to apologize for not saying happy birthday to you mom, even though its 2 weeks late, so happy birthday!

Well the big news is i got transferred to Marion, SC its right next to Florence and a little ways inland from the beach so its still the closest I’ve ever gotten to the coast so far hopefully i will get the chance to be on the coast before i leave but also elder mcpheters got transferred to north myrtle beach so he is on the beach, me and him just keep getting moved around together hahaha i love it. My companion is elder cranford he is from Jacksonville, Florida, and he talks like a southern boy. He played football and he is a pretty big guy, he reminds me of grant a little bit except grant doesn’t have red hair, he has been out a little over 7 months. President is trying something new with us I’m the district leader but elder cranford is the senior companion, its different because normally I would be both since I’m DL but i think this way it puts the load on both elders instead of all on one. Well marion is a branch with about 60 active members. It’s a big area and its cool cause when you get closer to the beach it gets really flat which is unlike everywhere else I’ve been. We have absolutely no hills in our area you can see the road for miles and its a swamp down here with lots of open fields and lots and lots of CORN hahaha i haven’t seen so much corn in my life i feel like I’m in Iowa, it doesn’t feel like most of south Carolina, but its a lot more humid down here, than in aiken or boiling springs. We have some really cool members although the average age of the branch is about 63 and we have like no active youth and one family makes up the primary 4 kids. President harvey is the branch president and he is awesome he is so motivated to get things moving. So about the investigators, we have Kathy, she is in her 40s and is getting baptized this saturday the 16th of june she is super cool we have a couple other really cool people and i think we will have a couple more baptisms this month: nick, betty  (maybe her husband willy, he loved church), antonio he is 21 and he loves basketball. oh by the way Marion is mostly black community, so almost everyone we find will be black or super country redneck hahaha. 

so dad you are crazy i need to teach you how to climb barb wire fences cause you can’t seem to do that right hahaha   

mom i did tell the barrys hi for you and told them that you love their blog, when we had zone conference the same week.

there is a lady in my branch who is 94 and got baptized when she was 10 by Legrand R Richards when he served in marion, cool stuff.

grant have fun at efy, make the most of it. I only went once and wish I had gone more cause it was fun. Also keep getting in the weight room, the pain pays off when you get to the game and the coaches will start on varsity the guys who put in more time in the off season and who work 10 time harder then anyone else if they see you doing that in the weight room and on the practice field they will favor you during game time, I’m going to change my favorite prefontaine quote for you
" I don’t play the game to see who’s better, I play to see who has more gutts" there is a guy in my new area named derrick weatherford he was an all star defensive back for Tennessee and won them a national championship in 1966 or 67 i cant remember he could have gone pro but hurt his knee when he was tackling a guy, he said he got letters from the cowboys and steelers. Love ya bud, work harder then anyone else!

Wow alli looks so much older now it’s crazy to think about and crazy to think i have less then 9 months left.
Great note from kody, im glad tanner is reading the letters.

Well that’s all the time i got, so i will have to go, have a great week
Love Elder Harper 

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