Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Man we had a tough week, we went from like 9 investigators to 3 in a couple days cause some people dropped us and we dropped a couple because they weren’t keeping commitments, its the worst when you have to drop investigators because you know what they need to do and either they won’t answer the phone or they won’t keep commitments. we had marlaina who was the really cool girl who moved from Tucson, Arizona, she has been going through a lot of stuff and told us that she can’t do this right now. We haven't been able to contact ashley but we went to her door at like 8:30 at night and she peeked through the blinds and texted us and said she had company over so we text her back and said we can’t  keep coming by if you aren’t going to show up at appointments and she never responded. So its been pretty rough, cause we really did the best we could with what happened and we biked a lot this week so finding extra time to tract was harder. With the BRP thing we are doing where the members send letters to nonmember and less active friends it has been really hard to get the members to actually sit down and write their letters that they commit to write and we keep following up with them but they still don’t do them and we got a letter from an awesome family the mcarthurs he is the second counselor in the bishopric and he and his wife are awesome they have like 5 kids all under 7 years old haha but they are awesome. sister mcarthur got a us a letter so we are gonna send it off tomorrow. We have a really awesome lady named MaryAnn  and she is still doing good her health kind of keeps her from doing much physical stuff but we went over and saw her and gave her a book of mormon finally and she promised she will read it, we tried to get her to church yesterday but she really doubts in her health she wants to come but since she never knows how she is gonna feel the next day she just says I'll suprise you so we need to get a member over with us to help give her some confidence  and pick her up for church.  I really feel if she comes to church that she will want to be baptized for sure, haha she told us that her daughter found out that we were coming over and her daughter got mad at her and anti-d her but she said i don’t care what you think, I know this is what  want to do and I am going to listen to them so that was cool to hear. We also last sunday went to go see a member and apparently the address was wrong but the door we knocked on opened and the guy invited us back and so we took a young man with us who is preparing to go on his mission and he took us out to see this guy again his name is brandon and we taught brandon and gave him a reading assignment and so our next appointment we went back with john who is the young man and brandon said he and his girlfreind who he lives with read the assigned chapter and also read 6 other random chapters and he kept telling us about other stuff and we were like wait how do you know that cause that was not in the chapter we assigned, so that was really sweet to find out they just liked what they were reading so they decided to read more  they are pretty cool an hopefully they have read more when we go back on wednesday.  
I was talking to elder law and found out that wanda is going through the temple soon we don’t know when yet but she will be going before he goes home so I’m excited to go do that with her and she moved out of her smelly trailer and into the country somewhere but still in the boiling springs ward boundaries and I also found out the georrianna  who i baptized here moved out of boiling springs and she is now in Gilbert, SC which is the area that elder seaver is serving in right now  think she is living with her parents.

well super SAD to here about the coyotes mannnnn!! i was really hoping they would win this year, man its always someone who cheap shots our teams the spurs, red wings and now the kings.

well thats all the time I have this week so I hope you guys have a great  week and yeah dad you keep buying the elders lunch,  I would do the same if i was back home.
Love Elder Harper :)

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