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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey there!!

Well i got news on thursday night, the day after transfers that I am being assigned to be a district leader again.  Elder Riddle who is one of our assistants called me and told me and also said that i will be leaving obviously, that was a sad night. I was like wow I’m actually leaving, I’ve been here in aiken for a long time and now I only have 9 months left. So i was pretty surprised I was called to be a DLL again haha, I wasn’t really expecting that but I guess president thinks that I learned before and I can be better now and handle it better and that I have  those qualities to lead a district better then last time and he has trust and confidence in me. That night I got the call was the same night I was reading the letter that Seth Avey sent me and i liked that a lot.  I love the story of his mission that he told me about how the whole mission baptized 2 people because they had faith and put it in to action, and the lord blessed them. I also thought about how its not always like, that the lord doesn’t always bless us with those 2 people, sometimes i wish he would so that I would feel like I’m getting rewarded, for my efforts but the lord does what he thinks is best for us at the right time sometimes he puts off those blessings till close to the end and sometimes earlier.
   So just an update on how the week went Matthew and Brittany who we found out were moving to Louisiana actually are back here for 3 weeks cause Matthew has to prepare for his GED test and then they will go back so that gives elder stever time to teach them with his new companion before they leave again and hopefully prepare them more for the missionaries in Louisiana if it gets that far. we went on a day exchange with Elder Riddle (the riddler) on monday night and tuesday and we had a great 2 lessons with this guy we met named jerome, they were so spiritual and jerome felt the spirit for sure but his parents who he is taking care of don’t really agree with teaching him even though he’s in his 30's so hopefully we can talk to him more and help him make is own right decision. So really upsetting news, maryann  the lady who was really awesome and wanted to come to church dropped us! we went to her house and there was a note on the door and it said "LDS elders don’t come back anymore" basically and didn’t say why, so that’s what’s been bugging us this week since we don’t know what happened cause she loved everything about us, it also could be her daughter that wrote the note cause she doesn’t like us at all. We had zone conference in Augusta on Wednesday.  It was great,  the theme was repentance and just moving and giving up the things that distract our mind from the work we read the "4th missionary"  talk and they gave each of us one to study it was great.

   So dad I heard you bought a sweet road bike well looks like im gonna have to use it also to prepare for my triatholon.
 pretty cool pictures of grant looks way cool, so duncan looks pretty ripped and man I can believe how he is feeling right now having to keep waiting for the mission call just tell him to be patient

Love you guys
Have a great week
Elder Harper

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