Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Letter home June 18, 2012

Hey there everyone

So this week was good, nobody came to church for us this week, we had a couple committed and then cancel in the morning and we had others that we couldn’t get a hold of. Something interesting that happened on Saturday morning the day of the baptism we got a call at about 7:30 while I was in the shower and elder Cranford told me that someone who just moved into the ward is in the hospital and needs a blessing so we had to meet a member at the church at 8. Background story: so the day before on Friday we had to go to Florence and as we were driving around, I saw the lady that me and elder north went to see and give a blessing to in aiken who we found out later was not a member and was faking everything so that she could get free rides from members and medical care and she does it from city to city and somehow she made it out to Florence I was like wow I’ve seen her before and as we were driving to go give the lady a blessing I thought of her and how ironic it would be if this is the same lady, we got there and walked into the room at the hospital and it was THE SAME LADY with the big tumor thing on the side of her head, hahaha oh she had no idea it was me and that I called her bluff before we got there she tried telling the same story haha she thought she fooled all of us and after we gave her a blessing I told the member who is in the branch presidency and we told the doctor and told the branch president that she was faking. We had to give another lady a blessing who actually was a member who happened to be at the same hospital and as we walked by the other lady we could see that she was mad that they knew that she was faking it. So that’s my interesting story of the week.

We have been trying to set up appointments with our immediate investigators and they either have been busy or never answer the phone so it was a tough week but it was still good we went out with our branch mission leader brother Allen who is awesome and loves golf, he kind of reminds me of Grandpa Harper but he talks more and always so the phrase "I'm tellin ya" when he starts a sentence or story hahaha its funny. the baptism went well. it was so cool cause when she came out of the water she smiled and was so happy, she is a very different lady but she is very nice and humble, she isn’t so clean either, ha we went over for her interview and while the 4 of us were at her house she fed me and elder Cranford spaghetti haha and you could tell it didn’t look so sanitary, it didn’t have any flavor to it but I still ate it to be nice, its probably the closest i'll ever get to food in places like Peru, elder Cranford couldn’t do it so he gave it to the other elders companion who gladly, without fear, chowed it down haha.

Oh dad how is ASU doing in the college world series and any updates?

Yes mom I got the journal, I think it’s pretty cool and you did a great job.

I don’t think I am in the picture that the Berry's have of the trailer cause I don’t remember ever taking a picture like that but who knows

Maybe if you have any of your jam you could send me one of them elder Cranford likes homemade stuff and yes I'm pretty sure it takes and extra day to forward it to me in Marion, we do have some fast-food stuff but I really don’t know what all we have I know pizza hut and Zaxbys for sure, its a big spread out area.

Elder Law is an assistant he is in a 3 pack companionship that president is having them on a special assignment but technically they are also assistants so we have 5 assistants elder Williams, Isrealsen are the initial ones then law, Olsen, and riddle are the 3 pack, and me and elder law will be going with Wanda Scruggs to the temple on June 22 for her endowment I'm so excited.
Elder McPheters is not a district leader

And I have not gone to Myrtle Beach yet and probably wont unless there is a meeting in the building or for something special

Well I think that is all that I have to talk about since I can’t think of anything else right now
Love Elder Harper :)

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