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June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012
What’s up fam!
 Man, so this week was hectic we have been traveling a lot. We went and had a special multi zone conference in sumter and got to meet elder William R Walker of the seventy, he is in charge of all the temples around the world and everything that goes on with them he gave us lots of cool information, he told us 6 things to do on your mission and they were like keep a journal and some other stuff I don’t remember exactly what they were and don’t have my notes with me so i cant tell you haha, but when i shook his hand he asked where i was from and he said what stake and i told him scottsdale north and he said he went to a stake conference of ours like 3 years ago and he remembered president Rizley so that was cool.  Then on friday we went to columbia and went to the temple for wanda  to get her endowments it was such a cool thing, its a 2 hour drive from where we are and so it lasted all day and we got back at like 11:30 at night, but when we got there they ended up changing the session to an hour later and so me and elder cranford went and were witnesses for some proxy sealings, it was really cool I didn’t know we could do that and the guy who was doing the sealings ended up being the uncle to one of elder cranfords brothers wife’s so that was pretty cool. Anyway wanda just looked so happy she looks healthier and cleaner too, her sister who was with us when we taught her everything came and brother libby who is from the boiling springs ward also came, it was so good to see him and we got to talk for a while before the session.  He said that the greenville east stake is getting 2 new units added to it so the boundaries of all the wards will be effected, I also found out that wanda moved out of her trailer and into a house that is up by brother libby’s house which is kind of a little ways out of town, I‘m glad she moved cause her old place smelled really bad but at the same time i wanted her to still be in that house cause i wanted to take you back to the same house that we taught her in, but oh well.  wanda cried the whole time and me and elder law got a picture with her outside afterwards, best day of mission by far. Afterwards we went with our ride brother allen who is our ward mission leader and we went to zaxbys for dinner, it was just such a happy peaceful day being able to be around the temple.
 There was some crazy storm the other day with lots of lightning and on our way home it was about 8:55 we saw a couple on the side of the road in downtown marion and so we pulled over and tried to help them with their car as it was raining and lightning everywhere and they were so grateful, even though we couldn’t really do much cause the problem was kind of unfixable but we were able to give them a card and a police officer helped them out the rest of the time. We found a family of 5 on saturday, we went to contact an old media referral and they let us in and we taught the whole family the restoration lesson and they all commited to be baptized on july14 so we are gonna go back again soon. We are still working with a couple investigators it’s been really hard to get in contact with a couple of them, betty & willy, and antonio  have been hard to contact but we are seeing nick  tonight they didn’t come to church yesterday :( so we are gonna have to reset his baptism date. Everybody in the branch has been giving us a bunch of fresh vegetables from their gardens, actually too much cause some of it goes bad really fast before we even get a chance to use it. Ooh, haha we also went and helped a recent convert chris  do some yard work, he is a really cool guy and knows a lot about the bible, so does the rest of his family but they are super redneck haha which makes it funny, anyway we ran into a cottonmouth snake in the back yard and he had to kill it but it was still moving after it was dead cause of its nerves he also was telling us about these things called "carolina bays" they are like natural swamps but there are hundreds of them and they are all egg shaped and they all point in the same direction, you can see them on like google maps and stuff, interesting stuff.
Man grant that’s great to here that you had an awesome time at efy, i love meeting new people, definitely try and hang out with the friends that you made especially if some of them were from az, I will have to look up your counselor when i get back, that would be cool to hang out with him and jackson and dylan, that’s how i felt about my counselor he was from az also. i am so jealous that you get to see the midnight batman returns.   
We are mostly in the car most of the time because our area is really big and spread out its mostly country not really any developments, we do have a crock pot and we just found out today that we had one, hahaha.
Hey so everybody is talking about the college world series between south carolina and arizona, is it really U of A or is it ASU cause everyone gets them mixed up
Well, anyway i got to go love you guys
Elder Harper :)

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