Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012
Hello everyone, well this week was great it really was ha and i wish i could remember it all cause my mind has gone a little blank but its coming back. so the biggest thing that happend this week was that N. our 13 year old part member investigator who we have been trying to get to go to bed early and wake up to come to church got his baptismal interview on saturday and he came to church YAYYY! SUCCESS so he will be baptized next saturday at 6pm.  I’m super excited and can’t wait for him to eventually get the priesthood, he is also my first male baptism finally haha. On wednesday we had interviews/ trainings from the assistants plus elder law and elder riddle who are the special assignment guys, basically assistants, lots of good stuff. I had a great interview with president and he complimented me on how we are doing and told me how elder cranford is learning a lot from me he told me about something he said that was cool but i cant remember what it was hahah sorry maybe I will later. After all that we had a couple hours before our special fireside meeting with president and sister Holm called the No More Stangers fireside where less actives investigators could come and meet president and hear from him and some other speakers, it was awesome cause one of our recent converts bro D. who used to be a pentacostal preacher gave his testimony, it was powerful. I also got to spend some more time with Elder law before the fireside, me and him drove the mission van to go get some little cesers pizza cause we hadn’t eaten dinner.  We went and sat in the piggly wiggly parking lot eating pizza while we were waiting to show one of our recent converts how to get to the stake center haha we had a good time talking about our mission like how he has been on exchanges with me in each of my areas haha, even cooler at the end of the night as we were leaving the building after locking up there was a guy sitting under the light pole in the parking lot so we went over and talked to him, he is from wyoming and is working selling security systems door to door, he told us that all the guys he worked with are mormon return missionaries,(as he is sitting in an LDS chapel parking lot) we taught him a little about our beliefs he asked us how we are saved and stuff like that then the guy who came to pick him up was a member of the church, we gave the guy a book of mormon so hopefully his co-worker told him more.  Transfers came and we are both staying in marion, only elder oliver who is in the district also our zone leader is leaving he has been there for 7 months in Florence.

Elder seaver is just a cool guys i don’t know how to explain his personality he is laid back, loves the gospel and is a hard worker

Dad i like that quote by Abe Lincoln its so perfect, i think our government should read that, it might inspire them.
 Also could you guys send me the forms for absentee voting when they are available, we got a letter this morning saying we are allowed to do that. 

I put the return address on duncan’s letter so it should be fine.
Bummed to hear about the harris's moving to gilbert :(
 the picture of me by the trailer is not me hahaha it is elder holyoak he looks exactly like me from behind plus that suit he has on is not mine either i have a slit in the middle of my jacket.
i will try to send the memory card soon.
When does dylan get home this week or next week?

Grant i hope your working out hard for football that’s how you will beat people is preparing in practice.
Alli it would be cool to win that house in SC
I think that’s all i have time for this week and i hope i answered all your questions
Love Elder Harper ;)

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