Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot in the South!

Wooow it has been hot the past 4 days, a big heat wave has just come through and its supposed to stay the same all next week, our car thermometer said 105 but the index said it was 117 either way the second you walk out side you start to glisten cause of the humidity and then at like 7 at night it cools of a little, but it stays more humid so you keep sweating. It’s basically like sitting in a sauna all day, and the car gets really hot too. haha. This week was pretty good even though nobody came to church for us. It was still a good testimony meeting, it was awesome with  so many great testimonies i wish our investigators would have come ahhhh! Tuesday I went on an exchange with elder Wilkinson who is in our district and we worked in Florence. We had a great time he is such a cool guy. He came out a transfer after me with elder north, he told me he actually graduated in 2008 and worked for 2 years before he left on his mission it was weird to know he was older then me, but anyway we taught one of the less actives in their ward and he is so cool he is staring to come back and he is only 17 but he loves learning about the gospel again and its making sense. We also had something really cool happen we went to contact a media referral named robbie who had been contacted back in december and we learned that he was having lots of health issues so it was hard to meet with them so they stopped coming, but we talked to him more and he has both of his legs amputated below his knees and he wears artificial legs and he says he feels like he has real legs cause they are so high tech.  We taught him the plan of salvation and he loved  it a lot he accepted to be baptized on july 21 so we are excited to meet with him more.  We live in an apartment and it is a little bit outside and south of marion city. We do get fed well here so that is good. I am doing good on clothes still, and cooking is okay haha its so hard here to keep things from going bad because of the humidity things mold so fast.  People give us lots of vegetables from their gardens especially squash for some reason, but they don’t stay good for a long time.

That’s way cool to hear about Duncan’s mission call to the SOUTH, tell him hi for me, cant wait for him to join me down here.
yeah I got the package all good, we email at the library cause we have a branch here and there is no family history center to do it in, but yeah elder cranford is weird with his p-day schedule so its always different, elder cranford reminds me a lot of joel, its kind of weird i have to admit.
 yes i do know where harper rd is that was like the first thing i noticed when I got here.

Man, im sad to hear about shadow I really hoped I would get home by the time he would die, but its time for him, he has had a good life.

Man. thats cool to hear who’s getting married do you know who all they are marrying?
Who is coy dating?

 I have given a couple talks i think 3 and i should be speaking at the end of July, president harvey our branch president asked me yesterday.
and I have born my testimony a couple times but we are asked not to do it a lot so that we let the members have their chances.

Well dad, I don’t root for UofA, no matter what, GO GAMECOCKS!! i am mad that arizona won though.

Oh yeah, i got stung by a wasp the other day and the swelling has gone down, its almost better, but yeah we were sitting under a porch and it flew and dive bombed my arm

It’s crazy to think that Dylan goes home in like less then a month, man so fast 
Well, that’s all i get to write this week it was great to hear from you guys
Love Elder Harper :)

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