Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday July 23, 2012

 Baptism Bonanza,
Wooow first thing i have to say is I can’t believe that my favorite missionary of all time is home and that my favorite cousin ( Eric your my favorite too, couple
of, oh your all my favorites) also comes home tomorrow, that just means I only have very little time left and it has gone by so fast. It’s weird but pretty cool to see elder law with you guys haha yeah we had the best time using those sunglasses while role playing with STEVE, hahahaha good times.  I wish I could have been there to hear his talk. Well, just a quick re cap of the week of course the best thing was saturday we had the baptism for N., haha his jumpsuit was a little tight on him but that’s okay he is a skinny kid so it worked, that baptism was awesome, N’s sister, K. gave the opening prayer and it was awesome cause she just got back from youth conference and she mentioned covenants, haha so smart for a 14 year old.  I don’t even think I knew what that word meant when I was 14. Elder cranford baptized him and since N’s mom had to work on Sunday,  we just did the confirmation right there and I confirmed him.  I still think its cool how when you bless someone or confirm someone that you don’t know what your gonna say but once you start it just flows and the words just come out and things just come to your mind and you can feel the spirit working through you. We also taught this F. and C, we watched the restoration video and they loved it and said they really want to come to church to find out more about what we are like, AWESOME. I had the opportunity to interview a guy for baptism for the sisters this week it was great.

Dad I love the, 10 things the not like romney hahaha, that’s awesome, seriously who can say he is not the man to be the president.
Again send the stuff for the absentee ballot for me.

Hey, grandma harper just writing a quick note, I do get your letters and i like reading about the families you help.

Grant keep it up with football.
Alli, I love your skweez  for elder law.

Well that’s all I have time to write this week but tell dylan I FREAKING LOVE HIM and give him a big hug for me
Love Elder Harper:)

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