Monday, July 9, 2012

Full of the Spirit

Monday, July 09, 2012
Well this week was a busy one wooo, first of all i guess to start off about RR he called us last night saying that he talked to his pastor and he decided to stay with his church but we kept talking to him and he decided to give us one more chance to see if what we believe is true or not and so we are going over tonight and teaching him the restoration. Satan is a poo face. Then we talked to some referrals from the BRP program that we are doing and one of them is a less active , me and elder law were on an exchange and we went to see him and he let us in, he had some questions about the church since he had been away for basically 50 years of his life and we shared the first vision and had him pray and he knelt and prayed with us and he just started to cry as he was praying cause of the joy that he felt because we were there and how he is trying to do the best he can and be the best father that he can be to his kids, hah it was like the most spiritual prayer I’ve ever heard and been apart of, the spirit was just pounding the room ( not really) but it felt like the spirit was just hugging all of us it was AWESOME   

Grant keep up the hard work in football give it all your heart, might, mind, and strength

Alli be happy stay strong and have a great summer keep working on the violin, say hi to elder jackson law for me in 2 weeks

mom if you get the chance to talk to coach more maybe you could ask him if he knows anything about the church, but i don’t know i might just do that when i run with them in march and the summer and try to talk to him about the gospel so that’s my plan.

Man im sad to hear that Nash is gone but even more mad that he went to the LAKERS! I heard about the guy from North Carolina, but did they get anyone from the lakers for him?
Also sad to hear about shadow but i know he is in heaven he had a good fat house cat life haha.
Man why is it that grandma  is doing well and some one has to total her car AHHHH, tell her I love her and im praying for her. Now i can’t drive the camero haha

Oh mom in the box you sent me there was an envelope that i opened that had a bunch of my emails and it was addressed to grandma smith in Idaho, what were you planning on doing with that? or was that not supposed to go to me?

I miss going to kotijas and knotts berry farm we are gonna have to do it when i get back.

Well that’s all i can write this week sorry it’s not much but i love you all and miss you guys
Love Elder Harper :)

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