Friday, April 27, 2012

April 23, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012
Hey sooo, I am not leaving Aiken, we got the calls and elder seaver is leaving which was really surprising, cause he has only been here for 3 months and he got here after me, plus me an him have become good friends and I am sad to see him go, well actually all of us were sad to hear that he was leaving because if anyone was to leave we thought it would be me, so i will have been in Aiken for 6 months, which is a first for my mission. Also elder law is getting transferred and he is being released from zone leader and he is not training so he will just be a regular missionary, which is good because he has been in leadership for almost all his mission and a zone leader for about a year. So that’s the big news, but we had a good week, kind of, well it could be better, but it mostly was stinky cause on Friday we finally got a hold of manuela ,who we thought was for sure going to progress to baptism, and she told us that she was researching and she doesn’t want to continue having us come by and I asked her if she had gone to and she said she did so I don’t know what turned her off.  It has just been frustrating because ever since i left boiling springs every investigator I have had that I found through my own efforts has done this same thing and I hate it, I feel like I am doing something wrong or something, haha, i don’t know and i really honestly feel like a bad missionary because none of the investigators that I have found on my own and taught have gotten close to baptism they have all just dropped us out of the blue for no reason at all. I know I’m not a bad missionary but it has just been so frustrating and plus president told me when I first got here that he expects me to make big things happen and so far nothing really big has happened other then the baptism we had my first transfer and she doesn’t even live here anymore so it has just been frustrating to me cause I have worked so hard and i have been here so long and nothing has come from the efforts that I have put in, but anyway that’s just been bothering me lately. We also had a funny experience me and elder waugh were on exchanges and we were talking to 6 drunk people and we answered all their crazy questions and said a prayer with them and during the prayer while elder waugh was saying it, this tall black guy let out a loud fart hahahaha it was so funny, and when we got in the car we laughed so much. 

Well, ya that’s pretty much what happened this week

But that’s sweet that the coyotes are up on the blackhawks, i really hope that the new owner keeps them in az.
I also hope the cardinals pick a good QB in the draft hopefully the boise state QB that would be awesome.
 I will send the memory card this week sorry I need to print out some pictures
i am sad to hear about Bryce that is way unexpected, that is hard, the Blasers have had a hard past couple years. Tell Lindsey congrats for me and tell Danielle, I say hang in there

Well hope you guys are doing great, have a good week.
Love Elder Harper :)      

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