Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Holla family
 So we had a good week, last week was just a lame week and this week was so much better. me and elder stever found this guy named Tolbert, haha and we taught him the restoration, it was great cause we made him laugh and he sounded like smeagol when he laughed, haha then we went back the next day with elder seaver in a 3 pack cause elder cramer had to go to the leadership training meeting so we went back to teach him and he laughed some more, but when we explained to him that his preacher that baptized him was probably a great guy but that he didn’t have the authority he didn’t understand and elder seaver told him straight up that I can trace my authority  all the way back to jesus christ and that his preacher couldn’t do that, but tolbert insisted that he believes his preacher did have authority even though he got it from going to a school. Then we found a bunch of cool people this week and one we are going back to teach tonight her name is manuela and she told us her grandpa was a great mormon in germany and she wants to know more about what we believe cause she has changed churches a lot and so she wants to know if this is meant for her. We have a couple more people like that so we really hope that they progress. This morning elder mcpheters called me because he was on exchanges with the zone leaders they were telling him that we were just having a hard time finding people. So he just called me to help cheer me up and he had me read D&C 122:7-9 i think and it was great, it just let me know that god is always with us even when we feel like he isn’t. oh I don’t know if I told you guys but they split Blythewood into 2 wards and I just saw that someone in the new ward the sandhills ward which covers the east side of Blythewood, including lake carolina got baptized last week, i dont think i ever taught them but that’s still cool cause there hasn’t been a baptism in a long time  

Well, thanks for the easter package it was great, haha on saturday we got 7 letters in the mail and 6 of them were for me haha it was funny, then elder seaver got 3 packages full of candy and stuff haha it was great we have so much candy. We also went to this little ice cream parlor by our apartment, ha its so good we are going there tomorrow to get some root beer floats.

That’s some sweet news about the coyotes hahaha, thats so awesome ahhhhh I wish I was there to watch the playoffs, has anybody made an offer to buy the yotes? glad the D-backs are finally getting better. That’s a sweet rendering of the new sun devil stadium design and they are keeping the stadium in the same spot right?

well I don’t know what else to write about haha but I loved focusing on the atonement this weekend with Easter even though we do it all the time as missionaries it was still cool to talk about it and what it means. If you guys haven’t already you should go watch the bible videos on they are so cool and they are so accurate. 

Well hope all is going well tell grant to keep ripping it up in track and alli to keep it up with the violin playing, love you guys\
Elder Harper :)

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