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March 25, 2012 (One Year!)

March 25, 2012
ONE YEAR!!!woow one year is over and gone, i seriously cant believe that its already been a year i feel like i was just thinking ahead to this point in my mission back in boiling springs when elder law was at this point in his. So many hard times, so many good times, so many times when I was like, I hate biking and I don’t want to bike tomorrow again, we already have biked like 100 miles in 5 days and my legs are so tired, and then the days when nobody will answer the door or when they just don’t want to talk to you and so many bash's with Baptist preachers, people calling the cops on you cause they think you are soliciting hahaha, so many things have happened, its been a great ride so far, I have learned so much and I have had the privilege of baptizing 4 people in year, and my testimony and knowledge of the truthfulness of gospel has grown so much.
 This week we went and saw a lady named Rita, her son used to live here a while ago and so we went to see them but found out they didn’t live there anymore but his parents do and she has a book of mormon and some pamphlets but she didn’t want us teaching her yet so we just stopped by this week and set up an appointment and taught her the restoration and she accepted to be baptized, but didn’t accept a date. She wasn’t able to come to church because she worked on Sunday, but hopefully she will come to general conference. We had a lady named Toya on date this week but we went by for our appointment and she wasn’t there so we left a note and 3 days later the note was still there and the door was open and nobody was home so that creeped me and elder stever out a little. Elder stever is great I love him we get along great he is from el dorado california, the atmosphere in the apartment is so good and there is more excitement and energy to work and there is happiness too haha. This thursday we knocked on the door of a Baptist preacher when we saw him walking to the door we could just tell "yep here comes a bash" and the first thing he said to us was that we are a cult and everything we are doing is false, we did get some insight on what Baptist believe, which just blows my mind, that they believe this, that if someone dies and they have never heard of Jesus Christ or the gospel they are going to hell because they denied their conscience, because apparently our conscience is supposed to tell us that Jesus Christ is our savior when nobody has taught you a thing about god or the bible at all, that just makes me sick that they think that. But yah, other than that we had a great week hahaha. We have had a hard time finding investigators and just people to teach in general it’s been frustrating in that aspect but other than that it’s good.
 Well, for my year mark we went to cracker barrel that just opened recently by our apartment, it was really good. I haven’t gotten my package yet! but maybe it will come today haha i hope. 
 Crazy that payton manning is on the broncos!, did the cardinals make any moves for a good QB?
Has baseball season started yet?
 I don’t mind not being district leader its nice cause I don’t have to worry about the whole district and making trainings for DDM every week and I can just focus on my area, i learned a lot from being DL for that short time and who knows i might get called to be it again.
Well I hope you guys have a great week
 Love you guys
Love, Elder Harper:)

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