Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday April 2, 2012


Well this week ended well but it was kind of a lame week, we have one investigator, Rita, she is really great we have only taught her once but its hard to schedule things with her cause she works a lot. Other then that we don’t have much going, we have been trying to find new investigators but nothing is working, we knock and knock and knock and nothing. We work around less actives and not even the less actives answer their doors. we have tried doing the best relationships proselyting with a couple ward leaders. Things are moving slow and it is frustrating.  Elder stever is great, he is an awesome companion but its been hard for us to find people and get people to keep commitments, I feel like there is some secret to success and finding people that I don’t know about, and I cant find the answer. Anyway uggh well i got the package on Saturday, haha it took forever to get to me, and I laughed at the picture of harry, thanks for the allergy stuff but I haven’t had a problem at all this week I’m not dizzy at all anymore. Yep suit season is over and we haven’t had to wear our suits for the last week cause its been so hot. Something cool i found out, our new zone leader elder waugh went to high school with elder seaver in orem and they were talking about people they know from back home so i asked elder waugh if he knew an elizabeth craycroft and he was like "dude ya i totally know liz she is really cool" so ya I found out that he is good freinds with her and I was like she is soo awesome i love that girl, and told him how bummed i was when she moved to Utah, ha so that was a cool moment. 

So dad that’s so cool that you got Anthony Robles, the ASU wrestler to speak, and even better that you got me an autographed shirt. Can’t wait to see his movie come out.

No, I don’t need any shoes or a new suit or anything I’ll get all that stuff, back home so that I have a nice suit that hasn’t been sweated in. 

Grant, don’t you worry I have been working on my peck and my upper body a lot so I might be as muscley as you when I get back, i am going to have to work on my abbs more though haha im definitely lacking in that hahaha, its so hard to do abbs in the morning cause im so tired. And I like your carlsbad idea.

Alli i hope you are doing better from your fall on the scooter, you should be more careful you have fallen and hurt your body more in 11 years then I have in 20

Ya, the masters is gonna make this week crazy, there are gonna be so many people here in Aiken.

Well hope you guys have a great week, hope you learned a lot from conference I did.
Love Elder Harper :)

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