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Monday, April 18, 2012

Hello everyone,
  Ya, so we had a good week. Last monday night we taught a lady named Manuela.  Her grandpa, in Germany a long time ago, was a very active member and so when we came by we got to know her and she had questions that we were able to answer through teaching the restoration, or the 1st lesson. She also told us about her cousin who, committed suicide a couple years ago, and she had asked other churches what will happen to him and they just told her that he is going to hell. We assured her that he wasn’t there, but that we do have answers to that and what happens to us after we die, so we told her we would talk to her more about that in our next visit and we gave her an assignment to read 2nephi 2 which talks a little about the plan of salvation, but she got sick and had to cancel for the next appointment and then couldn’t come to church, she did tell us she thought that she would get baptized if she came to church and found out that this was true, because she has been to lots of other churches and hasn’t felt right in any of them.  She has really been an answer to my prayers because we haven’t been able to find anybody who is willing to hear our message or even give us the time of day. We have tried getting in contact with Rita who we found awhile ago but have been unable to contact her, but we aren’t giving up. This morning in my studies I was reading this old pamphlet that missionaries used to pass out a long time ago, its called "the strength of the Mormon position" and we got all these old missionary pamphlets from a member here in the area and I was reading it and read something that I kind of knew about, but the way Orson F. Whitney puts it makes so much sense and this is really why we believe what we believe, why we have temples and why we have endowments and all the sacred things and why works are so important he says " what is called mormonism is the everlasting gospel, the religion of all the ages, gods great plan for the salvation of the human family: and not just their salvation but their exaltation if they obey it in fullness. The gospel has a three fold power; it redeems, saves, and glorifies. Redemption is resurrection, but that is not sufficient; it is not enough that man be brought forth from the grave. All men good or bad will be resurrected ; but resurrection is not salvation, any more than salvation is exaltation. Many redeemed from the grave will be condemned at the final judgment, for evil deeds done in the body ; many will be saved, yet come short of the glory that constitutes exaltation." so that’s pretty much why everything that we preach, teach, and urge men to do is so important cause our families will not be together forever if we aren’t all in the same glory together so we all need to make sure we are doing what we need to, to get to exaltation in the celestial kingdom, ha enough said.   
     So, that’s pretty cool that grandma Harper gets to go home to see Dylan’s homecoming, that will be a shock for her, I would not want to do that especially with a year left.  
That’s so jacked that mike smith got blindsided, is he the back up goalie?  What happened to our starter, I totally forgot his name. Man, Chris Young has gotten hot the past 2 years he jumped out of his slump and is rockin it, are Steve Nash and Grant Hill still playing strong?
   Ya, I sent some pictures to people I will send the memory card this week, ya I wrote the girl that Kristan had write me (Karina). I got a letter from Gaby also, and some other from a member in the ward I forgot who and one from Courtney Larsen. Oh, by the way Courtney is the one who drew the picture of the person on the dragon haha it was funny.
  On Saturday, we went to help the Brooks move someone and then afterwards they bought us ice cream at this family owned ice cream parlor, hahah, its soo good. and also we had dinner at the Wheatley's, sister Wheatley knows grandma Harper and she showed me her sophomore year book from back in Idaho and I saw the picture of grandpa and grandma Harper as high school sweet hearts, haha, way weird and she said that whenever she see's me in church she thinks I am Kent and then remembers oh ya that’s his grandson, haha so thought you should know that
  Ya, so that is all I have this week, transfer calls are Saturday I hope I’m staying 
  Love you guys  Elder Harper:)

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