Monday, November 12, 2012

Crazy Week

Monday, November 12, 2012
 Woow lots of new things to talk about so, yes first off we have our senior couple the Bowmans now full time in our area and they came to our District meeting on Tuesday. Wednesday we were so anxious to find out who won the election and when we went to the library and right on the front page we saw President Obama’s face and we were like AWW MAN! It really is such a bummer, especially when you serve here in a place that has such bad unemployment and people struggle, ughh its ridiculous, all we can do now is hope that congress makes good decisions. We went to the Allens house that night and he loves politics, hahaha he was so mad about what happened. We went and taught one of his friends named (B) who is a stout Methodist  and has told us "I’m not gonna change" but he invites us back so we are gonna go through all the lessons and hopefully something will hit him. We also this week found this really cool lady named (D) who is related to some of our other investigators we taught her the restoration and she just loved all of it and when we asked her what she thought about it all she said "it must be the truth" then the next day we went by with the Bowmans and taught her friend (F) the restoration and she also liked it. They didn’t come to church unfortunately cause she was up all night doing something, (S) didn’t come either cause her grandpa got sick and she had to go see him early in the morning, but we had (M) one of our youth, has brought his friend (D) who’s 17, to church 3 weeks in a row and we are gonna teach (D) tonight, I’m excited cause he is way cool and his mom doesn’t mind him coming to our church just as long as he’s in church.

Of course you heard from President Holm that my wallet got stolen, but also they took my backpack which had my wallet and camera in it and they took my GPS that I bought last year haha so I have like nothing. so pretty much we were in a really bad area probably the area most known for break ins and killings, or whatever and we were teaching (S) and I had forgot to lock the car (which I normally do remember to) and we were there for about an hour and we left at 7:30 and all my stuff was gone, and no elder lee didn’t have anything stolen except for his bag of 3 musketeer bars which he is still mad about hahaha, jk. The next morning we went back and walked around the whole place and found my backpack in a trash can with my camera still in it, and some random things that were in my bag, we found down the road where the person obviously walked. So we pretty much know where they live but there is no way to be able to get my wallet or gps unless they pawn it off and we get the police to get it from the pawn shops. Also in my wallet was my school ID's, my temple recommend, and my eagle scout award card and I think the RX card but I don’t remember what it was and also  I had about 100 dollars of cash in there that I had saved up.

Then, haha that same night that that happened at about 11:30 right outside our door we had 11 shots that were fired by one of our next door neighbors friends and we had the sheriff and a couple other cops come knocking on the door with their M-16's and full gear on, hah that was scary, luckily nobody got hurt and they arrested both of the guys and they got evicted.

Is channing frye still on the suns or dudley?

Well that’s pretty much all i have, thanks for all the info
Love Elder Harper

ps. zack looks soo different.

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