Friday, November 30, 2012

North Charleston!..pretty cool

Monday, November 26, 2012
 Well your probably wanting the news on where I got transferred to, looks like dad is the winner cause I’m in North Charleston baby!. its pretty cool down here i love it, unfortunately our area doesn’t cover, like historical Charleston, but its close enough to where we can get permission to go there if we want and we have a senior couple that can take us, we also get free dry cleaning when ever we want so that’s sweet, and we live with the Spanish elders who are also the zone leaders in a 4 pack apartment, it’s way fun cause they will just say random spanish words and me and my companion will try to talk Spanish and it doesn’t make any sense. Oh yeah, so my new companion is Elder Lee, again hahaha there are 2 Lee's in our mission I got both of them back to back this one is Micheal Lee, he just got done being trained and he is such a cool guy to work with haha i love him and he loves the gospel and has a great desire to share it, it makes it so much easier when you have a great companion and i don’t see us having any problems, cause he is just so laid back, but also very obedient so its gonna be great, he is from Springville, Utah. I love the ward here its so awesome we have so many cool members who just want to do missionary work and they try to make it apart of their life every day. I was so impressed at church, especially the ward leadership, they just want to share the gospel and they look for ways to do it. The bishop is cool, he had us over for Thanksgiving and I got to know him very well, he actually served his mission in our mission a long time ago. He’s a little older than dad, so around that time haha i don’t know, also I met one of the counselors and he is awesome bro Albright and his wife they love sharing the gospel, he said that he just wishes he could retire now so that they can go do their 10 years of being senior missionaries. We are baptizing a 16 year old girl this saturday named (S) she is awesome and is the friend of a member so I’m way excited. We also have some other cool people that we have on date and are progressing, the (M) family, (L), and (T). (T) is really cool we found her my first night here she was an old lead and she let us in right away she is in her early 20's and is pregnant, when we asked her what she thinks about Joseph Smith she said she totally believes it is true, haha I was like no way we haven’t even taught her like anything and she already believes it, that’s awesome she is on date for dec15. I love this area already and I’m glad I will get to finish my mission here.
 We played in the turkey bowl and I have been really sore all week, I haven’t played football since last thanksgiving.
 YAAAA  ASU!! winner winner, thats so funny that the guy put up ASU banners in the Dahls trees hahaha I would have loved to do that. 
 That’s so cool to hear that Marissa is going to san diego, I’m proud she decided to go. Hopefully when Madison goes I’ll be able to see her before she leaves. 
 Grant looks like a beast on the field especially wrestling john, grant you need to continue to live in the weight room until next football season thats how you will get looked at big time and give you lots of advantage.

It was great to hear from you guys I’m excited to be on my mission.
I still don’t have my debit card yet but hopefully it gets here today and I got your package good. 
Love Elder Harper:)

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