Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monday, October 28, 2012

Hey everyone
 Man this week has been a roller coaster, so last week we were kinda tied down cause Elder Lee was sick with a cold and then on tuesday night I started to get one also and we stayed in all day wednesday and I slept all day cause I felt awful and then we tried to do as much work as we could but it was very limited and I still have a stuffy nose as of right now but I feel good. So an update on some investigators, that lady that i told you about last week her name is( R) and it was a pretty cool story about how she said she had a dream about us coming and teaching her and she probably did have one who knows but we went over for the third time and actually went inside and tried to go over what we taught her before and she couldn’t remember anything that we told her 2 minutes before. She kept thinking we were Jehovah Witnesses or that we were apart of them and then she’d be like "Oh your not" and then forget that we said that 2 minutes later. She has some serious memory problems, so we were like well this isn’t going anywhere so we stopped teaching her cause it would be impossible for her to actually keep commitments, but we think we were sent there for her to learn and accept it in the spirit world. We also got in contact with a family we found a long time ago when elder cranford was here, a girl named (S) and brother (N) and their mom (J).  (S) and (N) are in their early 20's and we taught them the restoration and plan of salvation it was great and (S) actually came to church and she liked it a lot. We also taught a kid named (K) he is 20 and lives in like one of the only rich neighborhoods in Marion. He lives next to the (C) family( awesome members) and we have taught him a couple times. He really likes it and says he would not rule out joining, the only problem would probably be his mom. She doesn’t like us very much but she likes the (C) family so we hope to teach him at their home sometime. So, that’s kinda how the week went.

 Haha bummed to hear about the painting of the house, wish I could help repaint. I can totally see dad getting upset.

Grant got picked for varsity!!!! That’s stinkin AWESOME!!! I’m excited to hear how he does in the playoffs, take pictures of him in the varsity uniform please with helmet on and everything. Grant this is your time to impress and shine with the varsity squad

I will send the memory card today. Too bad about the pizza, but yeah we went to a Mexican restaurant and I also got your package okay.

Well gotta go love you
 Elder Harper :)

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