Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 5, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012
Wow awesome week,
 All except that I’m still a little sick we had a good week. I called the mission doctor and he gave me some stuff for bacterial sinusitis so I have been taking an antibiotic and its working really well so it should be gone in a couple days i hope. Well the biggest news is that we had an awesome 3 hours with Elder David A. Bednar, it was like the most spiritual meeting I’ve been in and will probably never be in the presence of an apostle of the lord in that small of a group again (192 missionaries plus 5 stake people) he dictated the whole meeting off of questions and the answers we were told to read 2 talks he has given.  He first asked what we learned and what the pattern was of the learning and how we need to be that way with our investigators, how too often we think of them as objects that we act upon rather than agents who have the opportunity to act, I wanted to to ask a question but couldn’t think of one good enough to ask. Then at the end he bore his apostolic witness of Jesus Christ and heavenly father and left an apostolic blessing on the mission and each of us individually that if we are faithful, our mission will affect us for good so much more than we can imagine. It was freaking AWESOME! and i shook his hand and I mentioned he had visited our stake a couple weeks ago, which he remembered. We also had a cool experience yesterday.  One of our investigators sons got in a serious car accident where he broke both legs and also his femur in one and we went to Florence to give him a blessing, it was a pretty cool experience.  Earlier in the week we helped another person in the family that we are teaching, when she got in a wreck, not as serious but we happened to be driving past right after it happened and were able to help and call 911, cause they had no phone and it was in a remote area.

Those pictures of grant in the varsity uniform are sweet, do they only have the P on one side of the helmet?
Bummer to hear about Nash, why is everyone in lockouts? It is so annoying.
ASU needs a couple big time players to put them on the map

That’s so cool to hear about parker and how he was needed for them to win and that the Wynn boy won his division.

Haha,  thats way cool that she knows who Jackson is, a little bit, yes he is going to gilbert chandler community college right now.

Way cool to hear that Marissa Capareda is going on a mission and maybe Kara!
Ya, the average submits for missions each week used to be 700 and now its almost 4000 each week

Well that’s all I have this week  I am going to print out your emails and answer any Q's I missed
Love Elder Harper:)

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