Monday, November 19, 2012


Monday, November 19, 2012
Hey there y'all,
 So the big news is I am leaving Marion after 6 months haha, I’ve been here a long time, but I feels like it went faster then when I was in Aiken, so Elder Lee will be training a new missionary these next 3 months, that’s cool I’m excited for him and he has been wanting to do that, I think he will be a great trainer and his trainee will be lucky to have him. So here’s an update on our week,
 I went on exchanges in Conway on Tuesday with elder Denny and we did a lot of work on the coastal carolina campus, setting up flyers and talking to people about the intro to Mormonism. They do that there every once in a while, its a way cool idea and they also set up a stand in the campus court yard and try to talk to as many students as they can. We had lots of cool things happen, we only planned to be there for 30 minutes but stayed for 3 hours because we kept meeting people and they would ask us what we believe and who we are, it was awesome. We even found a less active girl who moved down and was going to college at CCU but couldn’t find the church anywhere and Elder Denny was prompted to hold the door open for a group of students and we ran into her. She said that she saw the elders a week ago and couldn’t talk to them and thought she would never see them again but because we were there she found us. We also went to a frozen yogurt place that Elder Denny and I met this girl that works there named Darien, my first time I went to Conway, and she has slowly gotten more interested in the book of mormon and what we believe. She’s from upstate New York and hopefully she will continue to read the book. We also had a cool miracle, we had a guy move into our area from the conway area named (J) and he has been thinking about baptism, he was gonna get baptized like 5 months ago but something happened and it didn’t happen and so now he is getting baptized on Nov 24. Elder Lee and I gave talks in sacrament meeting yesterday. It was great we talked about the things that we learned from our meeting with Elder Bednar. So I’m sad I am leaving, but I am kind of glad to go to a new area, it’s hard to spend 6 months here because it is so small. (S) is doing good, we haven’t been able to teach her this week though, and she didn’t come to church because her grandpa went to the hospital and she went with him but she said she has been reading and she has lots of questions. Ooooh, haha we also have recently met these 3 mexican guys in a small mexican community, everyone is from veracruz for some reason, but there 3 guys, one is (O), and his 2 uncles (L) and (J). We went and taught them and then after they fed us real authentic mexican food, this ain’t the american stuff either, we had cow tongue tacos and tamales. Haha, i know the tongue sounds gross but it is soooo good, tastes just like beef, we should have some when i get home. 

Well, that’s crazy to hear that Madison is going on a mission.

No i can’t think of anything I really need, you really don’t need to send anything to me, especially gifts, I can wait till I get home for them
Sorry not a lot
Love Elder Harper :) 

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